Our Website Package Includes: 

Up to 20 Squarespace pages

Professional Responsive design

Mobile ready (smartphones & tablets)

Basic SEO

Website analytics & reports

Easy content management 

Use any domain you want

New logo design

eCommerce (products or services)

Blogging (text, images, & video)

Free week of support after launch

Go live in just 2 weeks!

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Website Development FAQ's

+ Why hire a web designer?

Hiring a website designer is a major step. You are entrusting this huge marketing tool to someone outside of your company and you want to know that you’re in good hands. We promise that we will provide you with a clean, professional, simple website that meets your needs.

+ Why does a website matter?

There are many reasons as to why a website matters. But to make a complex answer simple: Having a great website is essential. A clean, modern, professional, and purposeful design is critical for all other marketing strategies to work. The best websites are simple. They help visitors know, like, and trust you.

+ How soon can we get started?

When we partner with you on your website, the first step is a Complimentary Strategy Session. We work with you to figure out who your website is for, how to best speak to them, and what the ever-important calls-to-action should be. These meetings typically take an hour or two, but once we dive through and get answers to the big questions, we can take it from there and start building!